Is the BCR just MGIF?

Cross-posted from an opinion piece in Local Transport Today I’m currently working on the Near Miss Project, which looks at how everyday non-injury incidents affect cyclists. The level of carelessness and even hostility many people experience are staggering. A classic example is the MGIF (Must Get in Front) driver. The … Continue reading

What’s wrong with modelling the ‘worst case’

Recently I got to hear more about Transport for London’s cycle superhighway modelling. TfL are rightly proud of their modelling work and I’m particularly pleased about their recent focus on cycling, traditionally so poorly dealt with in transport models. But I’m concerned at how the modelling techniques have been used … Continue reading

Part 2: Time, Money, and Routes

Back to Part 1: Where is Cycling in Transport Modelling According to traditional ‘four step’ transport modelling (area-based modelling, which identifies ‘trip attractors’ such as workplaces, quantifies and distributes trips to those ‘attractors’, assigning them to modes, and working out routing), choice of mode (and route) is based around the … Continue reading