Picture of RachelWelcome to my personal website. I’m Rachel Aldred, Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster, and Director of the Active Travel Academy. I also teach on Westminster’s MSc Transport Planning and Management. Ten years back I set up this site to bring together my various academic/research/policy interests. It is updated only infrequently now because I’m putting stuff instead on the Active Travel Academy website.

You can download a current CV here. Please click on the various tabs to find out about some of the projects, publications, and events that I’m involved in. You can follow me on Twitter at @RachelAldred and follow the ATA at @Active_ATA.

In 2016 I was awarded the ESRC Outstanding Impact in Public Policy Prize and the first annual Westminster University Prize for Research Excellence. One research project (Near Miss Project) was awarded Cycling Initiative of the Year 2015 by Total Women’s Cycling, while another (the Propensity to Cycle Tool) was in 2019 awarded the Transtech Open Data Award.

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