Here you will find details of some current and recent projects.

Londoner on Bikes

Banner of ‘pop-up’ advocacy group Londoners on Bikes, whose work I studied in 2012

I’m part of the academic team developing the DfT-funded National Propensity to Cycle Tool (prototype at The tool identifies cycling potential (currently main-mode commuter cycling) in England under different scenarios, at both area and route-level. As well as being involved in model development I’ve been leading on evidence reviews and user testing.

A relatively new area of interest is around motor traffic reduction in residential streets, and how this might affect residents, and people walking and cycling in an area. I’ve been using survey and GPS data to start to look at measuring and mapping “rat-running”, as part of this. Another is economic impacts of cycling investment, and as part of a TfL working group I’ll be conducting new data analysis looking at retail vitality and cycling. I continue to develop my work on cycling equity, with plans for a new collobarative project focusing on disabled cyclists.

Other current funded collaborative projects involve research on cycling near misses (funded by Creative Exchange and Blaze) plus a CILT-funded project looking at bus-cycle interactions and delays, comparing sharing with separation, and building on my recent foray into agent-based traffic modelling. I am working with TfL on a longitudinal online survey looking at people’s feelings about their local neighbourhoods, travel attitudes and behaviour, and how (and why) these might change over time.

Changing Commutes was funded by ESRC. It has involved building an agent-based model to look at the uptake of cycle commuting, focusing on the impacts of social interactions and social norms in different contexts. Two papers that I led have been published: one re-analysing Census data and one re-analysing a combined qualitative dataset from three different projects.

I led the the ESRC funded Modelling on the Move project, with a range of collaborators Рthe site can be viewed here, with slides and audio from seminars.

For two years (2010-11) I worked on the ESRC Cycling Cultures project with Kat Jungnickel. Find out more here.

During Summer 2012 I worked on a project on Cycling Advocacy in London, doing interviews, ethnographic fieldwork, and online surveys. A journal article was published in the Journal of Transport Geography.

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