We’ve slowed down traffic in residential streets – now let’s reduce it

Article published in Local Transport Today, 5th February Physics tells us that faster-moving motor vehicles pose more risk to pedestrians and cyclists. This is backed up by research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showing that London’s 20mph zones succeed in reducing casualties. And across the country … Continue reading

The Great Big Academic Round-up

A summary of some recent cycling research, written for the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain’s weekly blog round-up, cross-posted from http://www.cycling-embassy.org.uk/blog/2015/08/30/the-great-big-academic-roundup This is a guest academic-themed post which may look a little different from the usual roundup, because I’m linking to academic papers rather than blogs. I’m focusing on peer-reviewed … Continue reading

Is the BCR just MGIF?

Cross-posted from an opinion piece in Local Transport Today I’m currently working on the Near Miss Project, which looks at how everyday non-injury incidents affect cyclists. The level of carelessness and even hostility many people experience are staggering. A classic example is the MGIF (Must Get in Front) driver. The … Continue reading

What’s wrong with modelling the ‘worst case’

Recently I got to hear more about Transport for London’s cycle superhighway modelling. TfL are rightly proud of their modelling work and I’m particularly pleased about their recent focus on cycling, traditionally so poorly dealt with in transport models. But I’m concerned at how the modelling techniques have been used … Continue reading