Seminar series in Lund, Sweden

Following a very local Street Talk last night, I am pleased to announce a series of four seminars in April, slightly further away, in Lund, Sweden (thanks to the Man in Seat 61 for great tips on European train travel). This is thanks to an Erasmus exchange. Let me know if you’re local to Lund and interested in coming along to one or more…

Seminar series on social and cultural issues in bicycling with Rachel Aldred
Is cycling normal? A cultural approach to transport
This seminar will discuss the methods used in the Cycling Cultures research project, showing how a cultural approach can contribute to transport studies.
‘Londoners, not cyclists’? New cycling advocacy in London
Drawing on interviews with key activists and other material, this seminar will analyse the rebirth of cycling activism in the UK, focusing on London.
Transport modelling: what can qualitative methods offer?
This seminar will discuss some problems with traditional transport modelling as identified by practitioners and academics, considering the potential for innovative approaches and qualitative data to contribute to addressing these issues.
Cycling uptake and cycling systems
This interactive workshop will explore how participants’ knowledge can be used to develop rules for model building. Come prepared to think about why people cycle (or not), and why they start and stop cycling.

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2 Responses to Seminar series in Lund, Sweden

  1. Lise Rask says:

    Dear Rachel Aldred
    My research partner, Naja Poulsen, and I are locals in Copenhagen, Denmark and are very interested in participating in one or more of your lectures in Lund. Can I sign us up somehow – or should I contact the University of Lund?

    Best regards, Lise Rask

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