Pedalling Towards Equality?

An article published in CTC’s Cycle magazine, August-September 2015

‘In Britain, cycling is highly unequal. Women, older people, and disabled people are all under-represented. Transport for London (TfL) reports that 74% of cycle trips there are made by men, while across England men are twice as likely to cycle to work as are women. It’s been the case for so long that people assume it’s normal. Cyclist equals young man on bike, in Lycra. But it’s not normal – and it doesn’t have to be like that…’

Read the full article (pdf).

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2 Responses to Pedalling Towards Equality?

  1. Jo Matthews, Ken Matthews says:

    Reading you article in the CTC magazine we were so pleased to see that at last someone is fighting hard for ‘normal’ cyclists. We have a large number of lycra sad (mostly men) ”cyclists” in our area and although we are blessed with many good dedicated cycling paths they still insist on using the main roads and jumping red lights etc.
    This, unfortunately, gives all cyclists a bad name.
    Keep up the good work.

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