Three events: call for involvement

I’m planning some public events over the next year that will be supported by ESRC and co-hosted by the London Cycling Campaign. They’re aimed at bringing together researchers, practitioners, advocates and others to share knowledge, develop policy ideas, and learn more about using data and research.

An event I organised for the Near Miss Project

An event I organised for the Near Miss Project

Over the coming weeks I’ll be starting to set dates and inviting people to speak and chair, but in the meantime, if you are interested in helping or speaking (perhaps there’s a project you’d like to share ideas from?), or if you’d like to suggest someone I should contact, please drop me an email at There will be some budget to cover travel from outside London and I may also be looking for (paid) assistance to help organise the events.

Current plans are as follows:
1. Transport Data for Active Travel – a workshop with advice from researchers and advocates on accessing, using, analysing and presenting freely existing transport data. Inspiring examples and practical training included!

2. Healthy Freight Conference – inspired by TfL’s ‘Healthy Streets’ agenda, a chance to share knowledge with sustainable freight experts about how freight has changed and could change in the future, to think about how it could work differently and what the limits and potential for change are.

3. Driverless Vehicles Debate – what do they mean for walking, cycling and public transport? Both sides of the debate will be represented, but beyond that the event will discuss what will need to happen for these technological developments to support, rather than threaten, active travel.

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2 Responses to Three events: call for involvement

  1. John Papasian says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I attended your fine lecture on PCT in December, and there was a mention of further lectures on other similar subjects (16 Jan?). Where can I get details for future events.


    • admin says:

      Thanks John! I’m afraid the PCT training was heavily oversubscribed in the end, so there weren’t spare places. But we hope to put more on later this year.

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