Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: what is the evidence from the mini-Holland interventions?

Summary: we are sharing a pre-print of analysis specifically looking at LTNs within Outer London’s mini-Holland schemes. Although the ‘LTN area’ sample size is small (most intervention areas weren’t LTNs) and uncertainty about effect sizes is large, we find consistent evidence about their direction. LTNs have reduced residents’ car ownership … Continue reading

The culture behind infrastructure: reflections on nearly a decade of research into cycling culture and policy in the UK

Reflections Issue 21 Reproduced from https://www.westminster.ac.uk/sites/default/files/rachel-aldred-cycling-reflection.pdf; published 4th August 2017. Written for the Eco-Cities Initiative Reflections Series. Cycling and culture For the best part of the last decade, I’ve kept returning to one overarching question: why –  despite policy promises – have so many places failed to increase cycling, and what … Continue reading